Another example of how “Pro-Life” rhetoric is really just anti-woman.

By Claire, Communications Intern

The above picture  is of a billboard taken out by a man named Greg Fultz against his ex-girlfriend who he claims aborted the fetus concieved by the two of them.  It reads “This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!” and shows him hold the empty space of an infant.

The girlfriend claims she miscarried and since has taken him to court citing harassment and violation of privacy.  The billboard has been requested taken down and Right to Life New Mexico who endorsed the billboard has stopped their support.  It should be noted that Greg Fultz admits he doesn’t really know if the fetus was aborted or miscarried.  The billboard cost $13,000 dollars.  Imagine what he and the donors could have done with that money.

Let’s hope at least that this will serve as a warning to any woman who may potentially be interested in him, that they run for the hills instead.   Larger picture after the above link.


Fultz seems to have also petition the New Mexico legislature to create a law that would guarantee  male partners equal rights in the pregnancy decision making process.   In his statements he claims he was more ‘thrilled’ about the pregnancy than his girlfriend, identified as Nani Lawrence.  It is also interesting to note that 35 year old Fultz is 15 years older than Ms. Lawrence.  Mr. Fultz in his statement also makes it clear he has always desired to have a family and believes that potential fathers deserve the same rights as potential mothers.

This claim has been made before by countless “men’s right” advocates and certain sections of the anti-choice movement.  Despite the physical, emotional and very real consequences and tolls of pregnancy on women’s bodies, there are still people who think potential fathers should have any right to force their partner to carry to term.  These people obviously do not have concern for women’s health if they are so willing to subject women to danger for the thought of family.

Greg Fultz would make a terrible father if he is so willing to accuse a former lover of murder without even understanding what actually happened (regardless of it no longer being his business).


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