Some sensible steps could reduce abortions – The News and Record Opinions

Via The News and Record Opinion section,

Some sensible steps could reduce abortions

“Regarding the letter “Planned Parenthood should stop abortions” (May 26): I’m not a “pro-lifer,” but for the sake of argument I’ll agree the number of abortions in North Carolina is too high. What I disagree with is the solutions the letter offers: defunding Planned Parenthood, allowing the state to create roadblocks for women seeking an abortion and terrorizing abortion providers, to name a few. History shows these tactics will not work.

To decrease abortions, you must give school nurses the resources and authority to dispense contraceptives. This alone would make a difference. Also, the government would save money that is spent on the upkeep of unwed mothers who have no income. As for the pro-lifers who scream, “This would make the children promiscuous,” some young people will experiment and we are powerless to stop it.

Second, we must put the over-the-counter drug called “Plan B” on the shelf. Then a woman could purchase it without having to furnish the seller with her name, address and a photo ID.

Accidents will happen. These acts would lower the number of abortions without interfering with a women’s right to privacy.”

James B. Lamar Jr.

Once upon a time everyone could agree that birth control access and sexual health education could reduce abortion and unplanned pregnancy.   Pity some people have forgotten that.  At least we have this guy.  Thanks James B. Lamar Jr. for being an intelligent and reasonable human being.




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