HB 910 passes out of Committee, goes to House.

By Claire, Communications Intern

House Bill 910 passed out of committee this morning and will possibly be discussed today along with HB 854 (aka Women are Idiots Bill).

HB 910 will bar all government employees at the state, county, and municipality level from using their state health care for abortion.  This is regardless of the known fact that abortion is covered in 87% of health insurance programs, and is part of comprehensive health benefits.

Not only will this hurt the female employees of the state of North Carolina.  This bill potentially oversteps the bounds of the state government by enforcing such a law on city and county governments who provide their own insurance for their employees.  This is a problem for Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt who testified this morning against this bill.  He was concerned both for the potential lack of comprehensive health care for his city employees and for potential increased insurances costs this will cause.

Thank you to Mark Kleinschmidt for standing up for women and for being a leader in women’s right in North Carolina.

Call your legislators NOWhttp://www.ncga.state.nc.us/


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