Rep. McElraft and Lies about Planned Parenthood

By Claire, Communications Intern

During the House debate of H.B. 854, Representative McElraft told a story of abortion in her own family.  A story that has nothing to do with the state of North Carolina or Planned Parenthood as she lead the floor to believe.

McFlraft told a story  of her nephew and niece who were in need of an abortion.  They went to Planned Parenthood and were sent to a “very dark house” where the nurse refused to give an ultrasound because she would be fired.  McElraft’s insinuation is that Planned Parenthood only cares about abortions and not the women they are preformed on.

In a letter Representative Alma Adams called Rep. McElraft out on her manipulation.

She also frequently mentioned Planned Parenthood in her story. In fact, her niece and nephew
went to a Planned Parenthood in Augusta. Since they did not provide abortion care at that time,
they referred her to another provider, not affilialed with Planned Parenthood in Atlanta.

Because Planned Parenthood has been continuously defamed during this session, I wanted to make sure that in Rep. McElraft’s telling of such an emotional story, that the members were not misled into believing that a Planned Parenthood facility would ever operate in such a manner.

Also, I think it is extremely unfortunate that Rep. McElraft would use a story that happened another state over a decade as to conclude that changes must be made in North Carolina 2011.

It is certainly regrettable that McElraft’s niece was so uncomfortable during that situation.  It is important to note, that her niece actually continued the pregnancy and had the child.   Rep. Adams is quite correct that no Planned Parenthood would ever treat a woman in such fashion.  No woman should ever be made uncomfortable in any situation regarding her pregnancy.   Restricting abortion services like H.B. 854 will only push more women to less legitimate places of services.  More women will be visiting “very dark houses” to try and abort as quickly as possible and with as little government interference as possible.   Many women will get very hurt and even die trying to find the time and money to pay for the abortions they need.  MnayIf the goal is to make women comfortable during their procedures, the invasiveness of these new restrictions will only lead to discomfort.

But then, the goal of these new restrictions is not to protect women but control their choices about their body and motherhood.

Contact information for Representative Pat McElraft is here. Her office number is 919-733-6275.  Please call her and let her know that misleading and biased information like this has no place in the political arena of North Carolina.  North Carolinians deserve the truth and nothing but the truth.


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