Statement on Governor Perdue’s veto of the Budget Bill

Raleigh, June 13th 2011

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina commends Governor Beverly Perdue for her veto of the ideologically-driven state budget.  Executive director Carey Pope stated, “In her statement on the budget, Governor Perdue mentioned that she couldn’t support a budget that sends the message that our state is moving backwards, and our organization cannot agree more. Our legislature should be focused on jobs and the economy, rather than making politically motivated attacks on reproductive health and freedoms through the state budget.”

This budget, supported by Republicans and five Democrats, cuts funding to numerous needed services and initiatives in North Carolina, including the live-saving care provided by Planned Parenthood. In its current form, the budget also cuts all money going to the state’s abortion fund and removes abortion service coverage from government health insurance, leaving government employees in our state without comprehensive health insurance.  Women in North Carolina deserve better than this treatment and we thank Governor Perdue for recognizing this fact.
While a veto override is expected by the Republican majority, as early as tomorrow, we commend Governor Perdue for doing what is right.  She is standing with the women and families of this state and protecting their inalienable rights to family planning and other services.  We look now to the General Assembly to stand with the Governor and the people of North Carolina by sustaining her veto.

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