North Carolina GOP Overrides Veto, Axes Planned Parenthood Funding – Huffington Post

By Claire, Communications Intern

Via Huffington Post 

Planned Parenthood of North Carolina (PPNC), which has nine clinics across the state, provides affordable birth control, preventative health care and family planning services to over 25,000 men and women. Without the $434,000 a year it usually receives in state and federal funds, Planned Parenthood says it will now have to axe its teen pregnancy prevention and adolescent parenting programs and force its low-income patients to pay out of pocket.

Not only that, but this move, the Huffington Post reports, will overburden the county health services as well.  County health services rely on Planned Parenthood to share the burden of patient’s needs.  According to Melissa Reed, VP of Public Policy for Planned Parenthood Health Systems, “There are 12- to 14-week waits for women to get into the health department for birth control or breast cancer screening, but we can see patients that very same week…and now we will be prohibited from serving as that essential safety net provider.”

Reed says that Planned Parenthood is considering its options, including litigation against the state.  Even as early as 7:30am, donations have already begun to come in as well to help Planned Parenthood cover the cost for their low-income patients. 

It is interesting to note that even though this happened at midnight last night, the Huffington Post was one of the first (as of now, only) major news outlets outside of North Carolina to break the story 12 hours after the fact.  We’re still waiting on the others. Read the actual article here.  And look at their front page here.  We can’t take a screencap, but the defunding made the front page (at least by 3:26 this afternoon) and maybe it’s still up.


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