Planned Parenthood defunded by state budget – Governor Veto Override

By Claire, Communications Intern

The official press release for NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina is Here.

At midnight last night the Republican-controlled House along with 5 Democrats voted to override Governor Perdue’s veto of the state-budget.

This means that Planned Parenthood loses all state funding and federal Title X funding.  The budget also removes abortion coverage from government employee health insurance at the state and local levels (similarly to HB 910). Major cuts to social programs like Smart Start and More at Four, which serve to close the education gap for low-income children and their families also occurred.  Environmental programs also received cuts.  The education ‘reform’ outlined in the budget will overburden teachers and cut jobs while causing students to suffer the consequences while the legislature seeks to find a solution to the issues in our school systems.

Planned Parenthood is planning to fight this, as I’m sure other organizations are.  We will keep you posted about development with action alerts, updates on the blog and our social networking sites.   

It is important in these times to remember that nothing our state government does is finite and impossible to reverse.  November 8th is the next election day and these people can be removed from office.  We can show them with our votes that they do not represent us anymore.

Want to see if your representative voted for or against the veto override?  Here is the information.  Look for your representatives by last name and party-affiliation.  Hint to those with Republican representatives, they all voted yes.

Remember, everyone is up for election this year on November 8th!


As expected the North Carolina Senate joined the House and voted 31 to 19 to override the veto.


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