NARAL Pro-Choice NC Urges Gov. Perdue to Keep “Choose Life” Plates Off the Road

Posted: 06/20/2011

Raleigh- NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina disapproves of the passage of anti-choice H.B. 289 by the North Carolina General Assembly. This bill includes a provision that would create “Choose Life” vanity license plates. All of the funds from these politically charged plates would go to the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, an organization that funnels money to 60 “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) across the state. CPCs are anti-choice fake clinics that often use misinformation and deception to keep women from exercising their right to choose.

As the state budget defunds a legitimate, full-service health-care provider, Planned Parenthood, they have simultaneously allowed state money to go to fake clinics. If we are to believe that Planned Parenthood does not deserve the money and support of the state, biased organizations that continue to spread medically inaccurate information and endanger women’s lives do not either.

Executive Director, Carey Pope, said “Despite all efforts by pro-choice representatives and senators in the House and Senate to introduce comparable “Respect Choice” plates with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood, none passed. This is further evidence that these license plates have nothing to do with freedom of opinion and everything to do with pushing an anti-choice agenda.”

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina now calls on Governor Perdue to veto this legislation. We trust the Governor to see this bill and the rejection of a comparable pro-choice plate as an example of biased legislation that should not be made law. Our state should not sanction anti-choice ideologies that look to further control the bodies and reproductive capabilities of North Carolinians.


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