Raleigh Planned Parenthood Building Vandalized

By Claire, Communications Intern

Raleigh  police are investigating spray-paint graffiti vandalism at the Raleigh Planned Parenthood.  “You Shall Not Murder” and “Baby Murder” were spray-painted onto the brick wall around the building.  They currently have no suspects.

It is important to note that this particular Planned Parenthood, like many others across the country, does not even offer abortion services.  The Raleigh Planned Parenthood focuses it’s care on life-saving and medically-necessary services like cancer screening, STI testing, pregnacy tests, birth control, emergency contraception, and so forth.  This blanket accusation of “baby murder” on a clinic that does not even provide abortion services further proves the irrational thought behind this attack. 

This vandalism is part of the greater attack on Planned Parenthood.  The current political climate around abortion in North Carolina has been highly charged for months.  Conservatives have been pushing an undeniably anti-choice and anti-abortion agenda.  Their inability to see past their ideological talking point is empowering members of the public to also express anti-choice views in increasingly vocal ways.  Across the country, clinics have seen graffiti, lock vandalism, welding the doors shut, chaining the doors shut, fire bombing, pipe bombing, arson…and the list goes until someone is radicalized enough to pick up a gun.

Violence is an everyday concern for abortion providers and the people who work in clinics.  It hard for anyone not to assume this is a form of intimidation.  It is hard for anyone to not wonder if this is just the first step in a potentially deranged individual’s personal crusade against abortion and abortion supporters.  While we hope this is the work of an individual incapable of true violence, it is not something we can assume.   

Dr. George Tiller was harassed like this before his murder, like many of the other doctors who have been killed for their work.   And let us not forget that men like Eric Rudolph  have lived in our state.  Eric Rudolph is responsible for multiple bombings of abortion clinics in the South and most notably for the 1996 Atlantic Olympics Bombing.  He remained a fugitive from justice in the Appalachian mountains, aided most likely by fellow North Carolinians before being arrested in Murphy County in 2003.

 We don’t need this in our state.  We don’t need more fiery rhetoric from our politicians inciting the more extreme among us to violent and illegal action.  No more people dead like Dr. Tiller or radicalized by Eric Rudolph.  What we need in North Carolina is reason and logic.  And it needs to start in our General Assembly now.


One thought on “Raleigh Planned Parenthood Building Vandalized

  1. Page van der Linden says:

    Just saw this post via Twitter. I would say “unbelievable”, but it’s not, given the current political climate. 😦 I’m worried that things will escalate. What can we do to stop that from happening? Do we appeal to the vandals’ Christian side (since they always point out they’re doing it in God’s name, etc.) and say that destruction of property is wrong?

    I’m tired, it’s late, and I know I sound awfully naive. I just wish the best for the clinic and your efforts. We’re having some problems here in Albuquerque, NM with Operation Rescue, so we can relate.

    Apologies for the sleepy comment. I had to say something. Keep us updated, okay? And “watch your six” – i.e. stay alert and be careful. Take care.

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