Anti-Choice News Round Up

By Claire, Communications Intern

The Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to challenge a new North Dakota law that would effectively ban medical abortion in the state.  The law seeks to significantly regulate the use of RU-846, the combination drug, used in medical abortions.  According the CRR, this law and it’s restrictions completely disregard all scientific and medical data on RU-846.  It is identical as a Ohio law passed in 2004.

Kansas, the state now infamous for trying to regulate its three abortion providers out of service, is apparently also considering introducing a “heartbeat” bill similar to the one Ohio’s House just passed (which still needs to pass the Senate and probably won’t until the Fall).

For some slightly happier news.  Here is a lovely little video of Planned Parenthood supporters protesting the defunding of Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire. 

New Hampshire, as you might remember, lost its mind and dropped all pretenses of not-trying-to-control-female-sexuality when one of the executive councilmen more or less compared condoms to party favors and suggested if women wanted them, they ought to pay for them.

More good news if you haven’t heard, the Institute of Medicine recommended to the Department of Health and Human Services that insurance providers cover the complete cost of birth control and sterilization procedures.  See our post for more specific information.

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