NC House overrides Gov. Perdue’s Veto of H.B. 854

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina is extremely disappointed that the North Carolina House of Representatives voted today to override Governor Beverly Perdue’s veto of H.B. 854, the so-called “Woman’s Right to Know” act. This bill will now go to the North Carolina Senate, where an attempt to override the governor’s veto is anticipated to occur. If passed, this law would enforce invasive and unnecessary restrictions on abortions in our state. It would enforce a 24-hour waiting period, a mandatory ultrasound, and a politician-written script that a doctor will have to recite to the patient. It has no exceptions for instances of rape, incest, or fetal anomaly.

Executive Director Carey Pope says, “This egregious legislation has nothing to do with protecting women’s health, safety, or peace of mind. Women already think through their options before visiting an abortion provider. Forced waiting periods and ultrasounds only add undue emotional distress: the very opposite of what these politicians are claiming to do. We now look to the Senate to keep this harmful legislation from becoming law.”


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