The Thin Blue Line

Below is The Rachel Maddow Show’s recent coverage of North Carolina’s current conservative, ideologically-driven government fiasco and the awesomeness of Governor Bev Perdue.  She is making clear where she stands about important decisions and about moving North Carolina forward.  That is something to be admired.

I’m not gonna lie, this means a lot to me.  As guest host Melissa Harris-Perry says, I also came of age politically here in North Carolina.  I became a feminist and an advocate for reproductive rights in North Carolina.  I voted for president for the first time in North Carolina.  And beyond that, I am a native daughter of North Carolina.  So it is hard for me to watch my state crumble under this ideologically-based crusade.   But we do what we can.  We support our Governor and our champions in the General Assembly.  We remind them that we need them and their support.  And above all we do not give up hope.   We will vote and work to get our elected officials into office and these politicians who are imposing their ideology on the people of North Carolina out of office in 2012.

This is an interesting video for everyone here to watch.  (Note that it aired the night before the Senate voted to override Governor Perdue’s veto of H.B. 854.)


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