Another Win for Kansas Choice!

By Claire, Communications Intern

Kansas continues to a main state to watch this year in the abortion debate.  A federal injunction just blocked Kansas’ law that would prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving Title X funding and force them to close one of their three clinics. 

Planned Parenthood’s legal team is arguing that blocking all Title X funding based on providing abortion services is unconstitutional because it penalizes their organization for providing a legal health service and takes away from patient’s freedom to choose a qualified health provider.  Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri stated that this law will require them to raise costs for the 5,700 low-to-moderate women and men it provides service to and to close its Hays, Kansas clinic.  The state, however, claims that this law does not cause any irreparable harm because patients can go elsewhere for their family planning and preventative care needs.  (Cue the collective eye roll.)

A similar injunction occurred earlier this year in Indiana after it defunded Planned Parenthood.  This second victory against the nationwide ideological vendetta against both abortion services in general and Planned Parenthood specifically is a sign that all hope is not lost.  With two injunctions already on the table, more states might think twice about anti-choice legislation and about defunding Planned Parenthood.  It will also set a precedent for the future.  It’s about time anti-choice politicians learned their will is not final and that they do not have the authority to push their morality onto the rest of the American people.      

Senior Policy Analyst for Planned Parenthood, Rachel Sussman says that they are now turning their attention to the defunding situation here in North Carolina.  Here ‘s to hoping for a similar outcome here in North Carolina!


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