SisterSong 2011 National Conference

By Deann Butler, Field Organizer  

I just got back from SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective’s  2011 National Conference  in Miami, FL and am excited to give a recap of what I learned there! The theme of the conference this year was “Let’s Talk about Sex.” It was incredible to walk into the hotel and see it filled with women of color and their allies, all gathered to advocate for reproductive justice!

The sessions were very informative and left us all wanting more. Here are three small tidbits taken away from the conference:

1. Women of color are more likely to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases than Caucasian women when presenting the same exact symptoms to their doctor. This information was presented by Jill Morrison of the National Women’s Law Center.

2. There’s a new wave of bloggers chronicling the sexual experiences of women of color. They are looking at reproductive justice through the lens of self-determination, freedom, and exploration to investigate how we can use media to create a safe space to discuss our sexuality.

3. Over time rap music has portrayed abortion both through the male and female perspective. In fact, there are over 100 rap songs that mention abortion in their lyrics.

While in Miami, I also had the opportunity to sit on a panel with NARAL Pro-Choice America and Black Women’s Health Imperative to discuss crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs). Additionally, the conference offered plenaries around Love, Leadership, and Legislation. Attendees from around the country left inspired and motivated to educate, organize and advocate for reproductive justice, and to ensure that people of color play a central role in the reproductive rights movement.

For more information on SisterSong or information gathered at the conference please do not hesitate to contact Deann Butler (, Field Organizer, NARAL ProChoice North Carolina Foundation.

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