Crisis in Germantown: Summer of “Mercy” 2.0

By Claire, Communication Intern

Some of you are aware by now that something bad is happening in Germantown, Maryland right now.  Something that isn’t getting a lot of mainstream national news coverage.  That something is the concentrated efforts of extremist anti-choice organization Operation Rescue against the clinic of Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of the few remaining late-term abortion providers.  Dr. Carhart has been the focus of Operation Rescue’s harassment since Dr. George Tiller of Kansas was murdered in May of 2009.   They launched what they call “Summer of Mercy 2.0” earlier this week at Dr. Carhart’s clinic in Germantown.  The first “Summer of Mercy” was waged against Dr. Tiller nearly twenty years ago.  Now they are going after his friend, colleague and successor.

Earlier this year, Operation Rescue and Maryland Coalition for Life opened a crisis pregnancy center (CPC) across from the clinic.  It’s only going to get worse from here.  During the original “Summer of Mercy” thousands of anti-choice activists descended on Wichita, Kansas to stop anyone trying to enter Dr. Tiller’s clinic.  Hundreds were arrested.   Summer of “Mercy” kicked off with a march past the clinic that ended with two public ultrasounds projected onto 20-by-20 foot screens according to Rev. Patrick Mohoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition.  To borrow a phrase from RH Reality Check, “No wonder the right to privacy seems like such a little issue to them.”         

Dr. Carhart, his supporters and other pro-choice activists have responded with the “Summer Celebration of Choice” campaign to combat the extreme tactics of Operation Rescue.  “Summer of Trust” is a grassroots campaign created in support of Dr. Carhart and is working in conjunction with Summer Celebration of Choice to protect choice in Germantown.  The clinic has been closed down for the week so patients won’t have to fight their way through a tide of anti-choice hate.  Click on the links above to see how you can support Dr. Carhart and these campaigns.

More information to come.  If you’re interested in more information RH Reality Check has some good coverage of these events.


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