Summer of “Mercy:” A Look Back

By Claire, Communications Intern

If you, like me, were a child in the early 90s, you don’t remember the first Summer of “Mercy.”   I find it surprising that more information is not available.  As the video shows, this was a pretty huge impact on Dr. Tiller’s clinic and on the Wichita community at large.

This short video from CNN shows a little bit of what happened in those 6 weeks in Kansas.  As a warning they do speak with Troy Newman, head of the rabidly anti-choice organization, Operation Rescue.  It doesn’t include more than his usual offensive comments about “rescuing” fetuses and how the anti-choice movement is like the civil rights movement, but regardless you’ve been forewarned.

From what I can gather Summer of “Mercy” 2.0 has not reached this level of dangerous (yet).  We can only hope that Summer Celebration of Choice and Summer of Trust are going to keep Dr. Carhart, as well as  his clinic and patients, safe from these radicalized anti-choicers.


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