Injunction Watch: North Carolina Edition

Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina argued their case against the General Assembly’s decision to bar them from state and federal money today before Judge James Beaty Jr. in Greensboro last Wednesday.  He gave no indiction of when he will make his decision.  Injunctions have been granted to Planned Parenthood affiliates in both Kansas and Indiana where they were blocked from funding as well.

PPCNC claims that the state budget is unfairly and unconstitutionally punishing it and Planned Parenthood Health Systems Inc. (the state’s other affiliate) for providing abortion services.  PPCNC will have to close its Durham clinic, end a teen pregnancy prevention program and lay off 8 employees if federal family planning money is not restored by September.  No word on what measures Planned Parenthood Health Systems Inc. will have to take.

There are thousands of men and women throughout North Carolina who depend on Planned Parenthood to help keep them healthy.  Access to sexual and reproductive health care should not be a luxury for only people with insurance or money to pay for their needs.   Barring Planned Parenthood from state and federal money simply because it offers a safe, legal procedure and ignoring all the other preventative care it provides is ridiculous. It is also dangerous for all the people who do not have anywhere else to go.

We can only hope that Judge Beaty has the same sense as the judges in the other states and will see this for the unconstitutional, anti-choice agenda it is. It is a pity that we must now rely on the judicial system guarantee that all North Carolinians receive the life-saving services they deserve.

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