Anti-Choice News Roundup

The hearing for a North Dakota law that would restrict the use of Misoprostol (and thus restrict medical abortion) has been delayed until October.  This means that medical abortions can continue in North Dakota until October, when the constitutionality of the restrictions is decided.  The Center for Reproductive Rights filed the lawsuit against the new restrictions on behalf of the Red River Women’s Clinic, the only abortion providing clinic in all of North Dakota.

The ACLU of Kansas and Mid-Missouri has filed a lawsuit against the state of Kansas for it’s comprehensive ban of abortion coverage in insurance coverage in the state.  You might remember this is the same law where during the floor debates over it Rep. Pete DeGraaf compared pregnancy-due-to-rape to having a flat tire.  Obviously the women of Kansas do not need this restrictive and insulting law.  It is a huge insult to say that women should have to bear the consequence of rape without  the help of their health insurance.

While Planned Parenthood of Indiana fights the loss of title X and state funding, it has become easier to donate money to the organization.  PPIN has received tax exemption status.  People donating their money to help keep the clinics of PPIN can now use those donations as tax write-offs.  PPIN expects this to increase the number of donations it’s received.

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