Worldwide Maternal Mortality Infograph

From the Maternal Health Task Force.  A sobering reminder that maternal mortality still kills many pregnant people worldwide and especially in developing countries.  342,917 in 2008 alone with 63% happening in just 11 countries including India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, United Republic of Tanzania, China and 172 other countries.

This is a reminder to the pro-choice and pro-woman movement that the right to have a child is also the right to have a child without fear of death and debilitating complications.  If ever there was justification for making access to all reproductive options in a safe, sterile and medically-educated environment, it is the staggering and unacceptable number of deaths attributed to childbirth.   An end to maternal mortality is access to preventative medicine like birth control, access to safe, legal abortion, and access to sterile hospitals with knowledgeable and trained staff (be they doctors or midwives) with the resources to prevent whatever complications arise. It is important to note that the US has the highest maternal mortality rate of the industrialized world.

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