Arizona’s Additional Abortion Restrictions

This week marks the beginning of Arizona’s new abortion restrictions .  They include:  

Requiring a woman seeking an abortion to meet in person with a physican 24 hours before the scheduled abortion.

Allowing only physicians to perform first-trimester surgical abortions.

Requiring that parental consent for minors seeking an abortion be notarized.

Allowing health-care workers, including pharmacists, to decline to provide information or access to abortion, emergency contraception or birth control based on their personal beliefs.

Planned Parenthood of Arizona has been fighting these restrictions since 2009 when the law that dictated these restrictions passed.  However, they will not appeal now.  CEO Bryan Howard says financial and resource demands require them to focus on their primary service, healthcare, and that the court’s ruling indicated that success was not likely.  They are currently fighting provisions that passed in 2011, and cannot afford to spend their resources on a case that has so little chance of passing.  Planned Parenthood of Arizona sees 50,000 patients per year and increasingly those patients cannot afford to cover their healthcare costs.  

If you remember from several weeks ago, Planned Parenthood of Arizona will also have to close 7 of its 13 clinics because they do not have doctors to cover the need for abortion services.


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