“Choose Life” License Plate Update

Remember a couple months back when North Carolina passed a number of new vanity license plate options which specifically included a “Choose Life” plate and specifically did not include a “Respect Choice” or “Trust Women” alternative?

The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina Legal Foundation (ACLU-NCLF) hasn’t forgotten.  They have filed a lawsuit against the state for its “discriminatory license plate scheme.”  They are arguing that not including a pro-choice alternative to the vanity plate selection is a violation of the First Amendment rights of North Carolinians.  Amendments to add a pro-choice alternative failed six times total in both the House and Senate, despite some of the anti-choice politicians justifying their position in favor of “Choose Life” with their own First Amendment rights.  This is the heart of the case.  According to the ACLU, the state is practicing unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination by purposefully allowing an anti-choice vanity plate and prohibiting a pro-choice alternative.  They are also demanded as part of their lawsuit that the state stop developing the “Choose Life” plates.

If you’ll remember, proceeds from the “Choose Life” plates will go to the  Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, an umbrella organization of 60 crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) here in North Carolina. CPCs often use deceptive or coercive tactics to pursuade women facing unintended pregnancies to carry these pregnancies to term  The proposed pro-choice plate would have sent proceeds to Planned Parenthood.


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