Vote Against: The Importance of Your Vote Against Amendment One

May 8th marks a tremendously significant day in North Carolina’s history and in its future; this Tuesday, our state will cast its final vote on the notorious Amendment One, “a constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized by this State.”[1] If passed, this amendment would negate the possibility of any form of same-sex union in our state, and it permanently categorizes LGBTQ individuals as people undeserving of equal rights.

As a member of the Coalition to Protect NC Families and an ardent advocate for the equal rights of people of every gender, race, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina is strongly against Amendment One. This amendment not only threatens the families, the health, and the livelihood of the individual group of people it targets; it represents an egregious violation of the civil rights of all North Carolinians.

You may be thinking: why does NARAL—an organization focused on women’s reproductive rights—take such a firm stance on this seemingly unrelated issue? Why is our organization such a loyal and unhesitating member of the Coalition to Protect NC Families?

NARAL is so strongly committed to standing up against Amendment One for reasons directly and indirectly related to women’s health. On the direct level, the amendment veritably endangers single women from their protections against domestic violence and threatens the ability of unmarried women to receive healthcare benefits.  And on the indirect level, we are sure that a state of true women’s equality and women’s freedom cannot be achieved until all individuals are freed from social, legal, and institutional discrimination. The forces of oppression and injustice imposed by Amendment One jeopardize the possibility of a discrimination-free future for not just the LGTBQ community, but also for every community and individual in our state that experiences any form of inequality.

We hope our readers and supporters will stand by us in voting against Amendment One and by confirming that we, the people of North Carolina, are better than that.

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