Pro-Choice Volunteers Make the DNC a Huge Success!

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina was on the ground in Charlotte this week at the 2012 Democratic National Convention and it was a truly amazing experience.  Our fantastic volunteers were the biggest highlight of the week by far.  Our work could not have happened without their hours of hard work. They are the true stars of the convention!

Volunteers with NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina made sure that everyone at the DNC understood what is at stake in this election.  In addition to reminding convention goers of the importance of voting pro-choice, our volunteers even got to attend some pretty great events.  From the DNC Women’s Caucus to the NARAL Pro-Choice America event to the EMILY’S List/Marie Claire Town Hall, our volunteers heard from pro-choice leaders from across the nation about the critical work we have left to do here in North Carolina.

While we could go on for much longer about our awesome volunteers, we wanted to share just some of their motivations for volunteering with us and some of the highlights of their experiences at the convention.

“I volunteered with NARAL because, as a young woman, I want to speak out for my generation on how important it is that contraceptives are always available to us and that our health care is protected. I am proud to be a volunteer with NARAL because it means protecting my freedoms as a young woman to make my own decisions and choices.” –Leah

“I had a back-alley abortion in 1970 before the passage of Roe v. Wade and nearly hemorrhaged to death from it. I’m volunteering because I want to make sure that abortion is accessible for my daughters so they never have to experience what I went through.” -Sandy

“I had so much fun volunteering! It was so great to be around people who think like I do and who are enthusiastic. It was so great to sit in on the Women’s Caucus and hear so many amazing speakers like Donna Brazile, Ashley Judd, and [NARAL Pro-Choice America president] Nancy Keenan!” –Debbie

“We’re at a turning point in our country where freedom and liberty are at stake. I’m volunteering for my daughter, for the suffragettes, and for all other women.” –Sarah

“It was really great to see the unity of people not only in Charlotte but from all across the country. People were so excited to sign our petition, take the fans we were handing out, and to tell their friends about us!” –Autumn

Once again, we are so grateful to all of the volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to making this week such a success. This week was a once in a lifetime experience for us in North Carolina, but we need volunteers to help make sure that choice is protected here in North Carolina and across the country.

Now is the time to get involved and make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering with us anywhere in North Carolina, sign up here or contact our Field Director, Megann, for more information.


One thought on “Pro-Choice Volunteers Make the DNC a Huge Success!

  1. Tessa Marquis says:

    Had a great time volunteering and truly appreciate your hospitality! NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut Board member Mike Brown and I (Delegate to the Convention) were so pleased to be useful and proud to represent our Pro-Choice Governor!

    Mayor Pedro Segarra of Hartford, Mayor Dan Drew of Middletown, Representatives Matt Lesser (long time NARAL supporter) and Mae Flexer (who has been instrumental in developing Domestic Violence legislation), Meriden Democratic Town Chair Millie Torres-Ferguson and our other Pro-Choice Connecticut gang were all thrilled to meet Nancy Keenan at your fabulous party – well worth the long walk to get there!

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