NARAL NC Campus Reps from Across the State Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade!

I am fortunate to have been born into a society and generation in which a woman’s reproductive rights are legally acknowledged. This is the legacy of Roe v. Wade, and it is one easily taken for granted. For most of my life I viewed my autonomy as a person–including the freedom to decide whether or not to start a family, as well as when to make that choice–as a given. It is difficult for me to envision living in a society in which political restrictions are imposed on a woman’s body without regard to context or individual circumstance, but I need only look back to the experiences of my mother’s generation to see the societal ramifications of anti-choice legislation. Anti-choice rhetoric masks the simple truth that a society that denies a woman’s right to control her own future is one that blatantly oppresses women. To me, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade is a time to contemplate how far women have come within the last forty years, and to make a stand: “We won’t go back.”    -Dara, NCSU NARAL NC Campus Representative

” Why do I, as a 21-year-old woman care that Roe gave me the right to choose, the right to a safe abortion? The real question is how could I not care. Choosing birth control, abortion, pregnancy, adoption, should be my choice. To say that someone else is better fit to make decisions concerning my life and body undermines my education, insults my intelligence, and mocks my citizenship. In a nation that takes pride in independence and freedom, we must protect and honor the right of all women to choose and make decisions about their body for themselves. I am 21. I was not alive to take a stand on Roe v. Wade during the court proceedings. I am here today, January 22nd 2013, the 40-year anniversary of Roe v. Wade. And today, I am grateful. Today, I can take a stand to reaffirm a court case that granted me equality to decide what is best for my own body. Right now, I pledge to support and protect my right and every woman’s right to choose.”    -Hannah, NCSU NARAL NC Campus Representative

“Roe v. Wade is close to my heart because it tells me as a young woman that in a male dominated world I at least have that control over my body.”    -Laura, UNCG NARAL NC Campus Representative

“I believe that each person is the master of his or her own life.  We know ourselves better than anyone in the world, better than any politician, friend, or family member.  We know what we need and what direction we want our life to go.  An unintended pregnancy can alter the course of a woman’s life. I believe that if a woman does not want to have a child, for any reason, she deserves to have the right to terminate her pregnancy.  She is the expert on her own life.”    -Meredith, UNCW NARAL NC Campus Representative

“I would like to know that if I was ever raped, and an egg was fertilized that I wouldn’t go into debt trying to get to terminate an unwanted pregnancy at this point in my life, in a safe and clean environment.  Happy birthday Roe v. Wade.”    -Haley, UNCG NARAL NC Campus Representative

“Roe v wade for me means freedom. It means the ability for my sister, cousins, friends and I to make choices about our body. It gives me the confidence to know that this country chooses not to limit my ability to make choices about the most sacred thing: my reproductive rights.”        -Cassi, NCSU NARAL NC Campus Representative

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