The Geography of Abortion Access

by Honora Gandhi

In honor of Roe v. Wade’s anniversary, folks at The Daily Beast compiled an interactive map of abortion access in the United States. It’s frightening, informative, and beautifully done. Using information from the remaining 724 abortion clinics in our country, the map highlights the distance women across the US must travel to visit one, the legal restrictions of the nearest clinic, counseling/wait times, ultrasound provisions, and insurance restrictions.

Hover over different areas on the map to see what laws are in effect that regulate abortion. You can also overlay census data that shows the population of reproductive-age women (15-44) across the country. Even more unsettling are the labeled “Points of Interest” – Wichita, KS, which has been without an abortion provider since the 2009 murder of one, Dr. George Tiller, and is now 300 miles from the closest; the last clinic standing in Mississippi, and the Panhandle-Dakota Divide (the most visible trend on the map). You can also enter a zip code or address to see local restrictions and regulations.

Check it out:

Regions with the fewest abortion providers also have the most abortion restrictions.  40 years after Roe v. Wade, we have plenty to celebrate – but our progress is being steadily eroded by unjust legislation, and, as this map illustrates with painful clarity, much of the country still struggles to access a legally protected right.

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