Marching with NARAL NC at HKonJ

On Saturday, Feb. 9, I had a once in a lifetime experience when I was fortunate enough to walk in the Historic Thousands on Jones Street March (HKonJ) in downtown Raleigh. I was not sure what to expect when I first got there. However, I was quickly excited as the chanting and cheering began about issues I am very passionate about. It is a unique experience to be surrounded by people who are all standing together believing in equality and justice for all. I was not worried about holding a sign that said “Stop the War on Women” because everyone there believed in the same thing. At one point an older woman behind me grabbed my elbow and said in 1973 she was fighting for the same thing we at NARAL are still fighting for today. It is a shame that 40 years later we are still marching to guarantee rights that should already be established and maintained.

HK on J was one of the first times since moving to North Carolina that I felt supported and exhilarated. I felt part of something bigger than myself and that I was standing for what I believe in. It was interesting to see people of all colors, walks of life, and beliefs stand together to support justice which included women’s reproductive rights. After this experience, I am inspired to continue to make a change and get more students involved. I think the only thing that was missing from the march was more students. We need to be more involved in being the change and demanding it, rather than sitting by and complaining about things we wish were different.

-Cassi, CaNCSUmpus Representative at NCSU


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