NCGA proposes to teach anti-choice “science” as part of public school health curriculum.

Yup, this is really happening.

Here’s our statement about Senate Bill 132:

On Monday night, anti-choice politicians introduced a shocking new legislative attack on reproductive rights, Senate Bill 132. “This bill calls for changes to our school’s health curriculum that have nothing to do with protecting our children’s health, and everything to do with spreading misinformation and stigmatizing abortion,” said Suzanne Buckley, Executive Director for NARAL Pro-Choice NC.

“SB 132 will force schools to tell all students that women who choose abortion will experience difficulties with pregnancy later in life,” Buckley continued.  The bill amends the NC Healthy Youth Curriculum to require teachers to tell students about so-called link between abortion and pre-term deliveries, despite the reality that trusted physicians and medical experts from the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and the American Medical Association have found no correlation between abortion care and pre-term deliveries.  ” This bill is insulting and endangering.  It forces teachers to lie to students.  Young people need facts about their health – not political propaganda,”  said Buckley.

That pretty much says it all. The classroom is no place for political indoctrination. Trust our children with the truth, not unsubstantiated lies.

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