Approved Senate Budget to Fund CPCs

Nearly one year after they voted to defund Planned Parenthood, the Senate leadership has approved a budget that would funnel taxpayer dollars to anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers.” The budget, which was approved this afternoon, diverts $250,000 in funds from the Women’s Health Services Fund to the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, an explicitly anti-choice organization that sustains more than half of North Carolina’s anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).


Unable to shut down legitimate reproductive health clinics, the anti-choice movement built a national network of organizations of generally unlicensed, unregulated organizations posing as comprehensive health-care providers– “crisis pregnancy centers.” At this point, CPCs outnumber abortion providers in North Carolina by 5 to 1. Crisis Pregnancy Centers frequently manipulate and deceive women, often using propaganda to dissuade women from considering comprehensive birth-control options or legal abortion. Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, the recipient of the state funds, is an umbrella organization of 68 Crisis Pregnancy Centers throughout the state.

In our 2011 report on North Carolina’s Crisis Pregnancy Centers, we found that of the (at the time) 60 member organizations of Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship:

  • 94% had no medical professionals on their staff, although only 20% disclose this to their clients.
  • 26% engaged in deceptive advertising in phonebooks, websites, and college publications.
  • More than half claimed that abortion usually results in so-called “post-abortion stress.”
  • 46% promoted abstinence over contraception.

The goal of Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship is to block women from making fully informed choices about their own reproductive health. Lawmakers have a responsibility to protect women and families in our state, which includes supporting programs that offer comprehensive, unbiased, and truthful health-care information. CPCs, which subject women to manipulation and medical inaccuracies, do not meet that standard. In fact, they do just the opposite.

North Carolina women deserve better. At NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, we are committed to exposing the deceptive practices of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and promoting policy initiatives like the resolution that the Chapel Hill Town Council passed in January, to promote unbiased information for pregnant women. 

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