Our thoughts on this Moral Monday.

Back in October, Governor McCory made a promise to North Carolina voters: he said he would not support any restrictions on abortion. Recently, he announced that he plans to break this promise and turn his back on North Carolina women and families by signing SB 353.


This bill is filled with restrictions on access to safe and legal abortion care intended to set the clock back on women’s reproductive rights in our state. One of these measures would prohibit insurance plans in the state exchange from covering abortion care, and withhold that coverage to city and county employees. This bill is so extreme that it would even deny a woman coverage if she needs to end her pregnancy because her health is in danger. The others would grant the state unprecedented access into the doctor-patient relationship and create medically unnecessary restrictions designed to shut down clinics and cut off access to safe and legal abortion care.

Abortion care is a part of comprehensive reproductive health care. It is a basic health care service, and one that was upheld as a constitutional right forty-years ago. It should not be utilized as a pawn in a political game in order to advance legislators’ extreme, anti-woman agenda.

All eyes are on McCrory. Gov. McCrory should keep his campaign promise and veto the bill. To sign this bill is to put politics over women’s lives, plain and simple. North Carolina voters are watching and will hold him accountable in 2016.

Join us today and tomorrow as we make one final stand to urge the Governor to do the right thing, and veto this bill. We’ll be standing in the one place where he can’t miss us, right in front of his house. Be there if you can.



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