Day 3: Thank You Senator Woodard and Senator Nesbitt

Day 3 of our September Thank You Campaign! This morning, we’re saying THANK YOU to Senator Woodard & Senator Nesbitt.


Senator Woodard not only spoke up against HB 695 in the Senate, he came to our Rally against SB 695 on July 9 in a hot pink tie to stand with NC women and families. Here are some of the things people have said about him on twitter:

And then, there’s Senator Nesbitt:


Senator Nesbitt was a fierce advocate for women and families during that memorable debate on July 2. Those of you who were watching will remember how he predicted the crowds of protestors who would show up in response to the introduction of HB 695.

As he said: “We’re sitting in here tonight, and you’re gonna win this debate and feel really good about yourself because all you big, grown-up, gray haired men have beat 3 women. I wanna see what you do with about 10 thousand of them, because they’re coming. They’re not going to put up with you doing this to them.”

He was right, on the morning of July 3, hundreds of pro-choice folks showed up in front of the NCGA (with less than 12 hours notice) to protest the extreme anti-choice bill that had been introduced the night before.


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