What makes someone a pro-choice champ?

We’re now beginning week 2 of our Campaign to say THANK YOU to Pro-Choice Champs in the NC General Assembly. Thank you all for sharing our posts, and offering us your feedback about the campaign.

Many of you have asked us how we came up with the criteria to determine whether or not someone constitutes a pro-choice champ. We thought we would include that criteria in today’s post, so everyone had access to the info:)

What constitutes a pro-choice champ? For this campaign, we chose to include every lawmaker who voted against the omnibus abortion bill (either as SB 353 or HB 695). If a particular lawmaker was absent for either of those votes, we considered her/his entire voting record this term, specifically looking at how she/he voted on SB 132, SB 716, and HB 730. It’s also worth noting that our pro-choice champs have been named exclusively based on their performance in the 2013 legislative session.

We were tremendously proud that so many lawmakers spoke out against the omnibus abortion bill. We are thanking them because we want to encourage them to continue speaking up for the majority of NC voters, who think that decisions about whether to choose adoption, end a pregnancy, or raise a child should be left to individual women, not politicians.

With that, we’re pleased to announce the first of our pro-choice champs in the House of Representatives, Rep. Alma Adams.


If you watched the debates this summer, you don’t need me to tell you what makes Rep. Adams count as a pro-choice champ. Not only does she have a perfect voting record, she is one of the most consistent and fierce advocates for women in the entire NCGA.

Here she is speaking out at our protest against SB 695 on July 9: IMG_0139

And here are some of the tweets from folks who are sufficiently in awe of Rep. Adams:


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