Day 7: Thank You Rep. Carney & Rep. Cunningham

Hannah Osborne compiled this post. Hannah is a legislative advocacy intern at NARAL NC, and runs NARAL NC’s campus group at North Carolina State University. 

Today’s pro-choice champs are Representative Becky Carney & Representative Carla D. Cunningham!


Representative Carney is a pro-choice champ! Carney is a champ because she addresses all aspects of choice, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing safe, legal and accessible abortion.

When debating SB 353, Carney stresses the importance of taking a holistic approach to women’s health. In addressing the Bill, Carney exclaims, “Nowhere do we begin to address contraception. Pregnancy is the leading cause of adolescent death. . . What are we doing?” We love Rep. Carney because she stands up for women’s rights across North Carolina:

She calls for open discourse and expert inclusion. Carney charges the House to take responsibility and to act responsibly: “We’re passing off our responsibility. We’re not being deliberative and doing what we’re charged to do.”

Thank you, Representative Carney, for bringing these questions to the floor and for standing up for choice!

Let’s not forget about Representative Cunningham! Rep. Cunningham is a pro-choice champ because understands that all women should be respected: “The women in North Carolina are intelligent, strong, and capable of making vital decisions by themselves.”


From issues of equal pay, health care, and reproductive rights, Cunningham is for women’s rights all around! Cunningham urges the ncga to “let the women of North Carolina determine their own destiny.”

Moreover, Cunningham stresses the universality of abortion: “It is not only poor women who seek out abortions in the state of North Carolina. Women of all financial statuses seek out abortion.”

Representative Cunningham, thank you for being a champion of choice!


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