Thank You Rep. Farmer-Butterfield

Hannah Osborne compiled this post. Hannah is a legislative advocacy intern at NARAL NC, and runs NARAL NC’s campus group at North Carolina State University. 

Today, we are grateful for pro-choice champ Rep. Farmer-Butterfield. Rep. Butterfield always stands up for women and families in the General Assembly.

Throughout this legislative summer, she fought hard against misleading and unjust policy, never mincing words: “Are these restrictions really necessary to protect women’s health or are they a decoy for another agenda?”


Farmer-Butterfield gets straight to the point of SB 353: “This bill is just another ploy to control women’s abortion rights by imposing excessive and unnecessary requirements.” In her floor debate, Farmer-Butterfield questions the existence of “safety” provisions in the bill.

Farmer-Butterfield calls for transparency in government and sound science to be included in the legislative process. She is quick to expose how SB 132 misinforms North Carolina’s adolescents. In committee, Farmer-Butterflied explains, “No single medical association recognizes that there is a causal link between a legal abortion and pre-term birth.”

In defending choice, Farmer-Butterfield defends North Carolina: “this bill is not about safety; it is about limiting choice. . . North Carolina is better than this.”

Thank you, Representative Farmer-Butterfield for respecting and trusting North Carolina’s women. We are so lucky to have an ally like you in the NCGA.


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