Thank you Rep. Queen & Rep. Earle

Today’s pro-choice champions are Representative Joe Sam Queen & Representative Beverly Earle

Representative Queen is a pro-choice champ because he understands and defends the legality of choice! During the House Floor debate on SB 353, Queen exposed the underlying purpose of the bill: “The outcome of this bill is to make it harder for health care providers to provide women access to their constitutionally protected medical procedure. It is not about safety. This is just government obstruction of women’s rights.”


In addition to defending the constitutionality of abortion, Queen scrutinizes the hypocritical and secretive GOP:

As a member of the Judiciary Committee, which was planned to consider the Motorcycle Safety Bill, Queen was not made aware of the abortion amendments in advance.

In addition, Queen accurately explains that reproductive rights and services include but are not limited to abortion: “When they attack the abortion issue. . . they eliminate a lot of other very important women’s health issues that these clinics serve.”

Thank you, Representative Queen, for upholding women’s rights and being a pro-choice champ!

Next, we say thank you to #prochoicechamp Representative Beverly Earle.


Rep. Earle has been an incredible advocate for women and families this summer, and she especially won our esteem because she cracked a couple of great jokes during one of the most tense debates in our state’s history, and allowed those of us watching in the gallery to have a much needed (silent) chuckle.

Here’s where she said the great joke. It doesn’t read seem quite as funny in retrospect, but we promise, if you were there, you laughed.

And here are some other tweets demonstrating the fierceness with which Rep. Earle stands up for women and families on a regular basis.

Thank You Rep. Earle (and you too Rep. Queen)!

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