McCrory is beginning to show his true colors.

Last Thursday, Governor McCrory was in Roanoke, VA, campaigning for Ken Cuccinelli, the republican candidate for Governor of Virginia. “By choosing to campaign for Cuccinelli, McCrory is showing his true colors. Cuccinelli is one of the most extreme opponents of women’s reproductive health care in this country, he has explicitly admitted that his goal is to ‘end abortion in America,’ and has compared abortion to slavery,” said Suzanne Buckley, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina.

“McCrory and Cuccinelli actually have a lot in common. As attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli made taking away the reproductive rights of Virginia women his top priority. This past summer, McCrory signed the most restrictive anti-choice law we’ve seen in over four decades,” said Buckley. “And when it’s convenient, both men try to hide their anti-choice politics,” she continued. “The good news is that women are watching, and whether they live in Virginia or North Carolina, they are not going to be fooled by lying politicians like McCrory or Cuccinelli,” she concluded.


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