Why It’s Important to Vote

By Allison Rackley, NARAL NC Policy & Legal Fellow

The general election is right around the corner – are you going to vote on November 4th? Of course you are. Why wouldn’t you?

Before you decide not to vote because you’re “too busy,” or because you think your vote “won’t count,” or because you don’t think you’re “informed enough,” think about this:


Honor the sacrifices of those who have made your vote possible. This year is the 94th year women have had the right to vote. Voting in North Carolina is under attack. Use your right to vote to protect the rights of North Carolinians. Vote for politicians who will protect your right to vote.

Vote for the love of your state and her citizens. I remember what happened in July 2013 – do you? Use your vote to hold North Carolina politicians accountable. Is this the North Carolina you remember? The North Carolina you’re proud to call home? Vote for politicians who will protect the rights of North Carolina women and families.

President Lyndon B. Johnson said, “The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men.” This is our opportunity to reclaim North Carolina!

On November 4th VOTE for politicians to represent you in office who represent your needs, beliefs, and concerns. Not voting undermines representative democracy, and robs you of the opportunity to have your voice heard. You can decide – don’t let others decide what is best for you when you have a voice: your vote.

Today’s the last day to register to vote! Not sure how to vote? Check out this website!

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