#NCVotesEarly: Because of that time when the #NCGA spent a lot of your money to mislead women.

Crisis pregnancy centers, or CPCs, are fronts for anti-choice organizations that portray themselves as real reproductive-health clinics. They target vulnerable women, especially those with unintended pregnancies, with deceptive advertising that implies they are full-service women’s health centers. CPCs lie to women about abortion, contraception, and other issues of reproductive and sexual health. They serve up those lies with a healthy dose of shame.day2_early_vote.v.2

On DAY TWO of early voting in North Carolina, it’s worth remembering (and reminding others to remember) that North Carolina’s legislative leadership has doubled-down on CPCs since the last election, pumping hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars into these fronts and using your money to mislead women.

Just this year, after launching their summer “sneak attack” on women’s reproductive rights, the Senate leadership pumped tens of thousands more dollars into anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers.”

While NARAL Pro-Choice NC has, is and will be working to shed light to extreme lawmakers’ attempts to increase state funding for so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” anti-choice leaders (the ones who claim to support women’s health) are pulling out all the stops to shut down the conversation, silencing recent debate on the issue by some of the state’s most seasoned leaders and pro-woman legislative voices, including Rep. Verla Insko and Rep. Alma Adams.

Now, the Triad’s Alma Adams seeks a new, two-year Congressional term starting next year in the seat vacated by long-time U.S. Rep. Mel Watt. She faces socially-conservative radio host Vince Coakley of Charlotte.

Orange County’s Verla Insko faces Republican challenger David Pratt Carter.

Both Insko and Adams deserve your vote this fall.

For more pro-choice candidates, check out our custom NARAL Pro-Choice Voter Guide.


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