#NCVotesEarly: Because of that time Thom Tillis tried to deny us birth control.

There’s no denying that Thom Tillis is on the side of extreme special interest groups and has a long track record of interfering with personal, private medical decisions that should be left between a woman and her doctor.

After all, he openly opposes a woman’s right to choose and helped push sweeping abortion restrictions through the N.C. General Assembly, sneakingday8_early_vote.v.2 them first into a Sharia Law bill, and then when that failed, into an unrelated motorcycle safety bill.

But Tillis hasn’t stopped there.

He also opposed increased access to birth control in an effort to cut off a woman’s ability to prevent unintended pregnancy in the first place. What’s worse is that he applauded the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that enables bosses at corporations like Hobby Lobby  to deny their employees access to birth control.

Tillis even thinks states should have the right to ban contraceptives.

Fortunately, his opponent Sen. Kay Hagan’s support for women is clear.  She voted against an unsuccessful amendment in 2012 that would have allowed employers to refuse to provide insurance coverage for health services they disagreed with, including birth control.

For a list of additional candidates who support women, check out our custom NARAL Pro-Choice NC Voters’ Guide.


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