Emily Letts at UNCW: Let’s Stop Abortion Stigma!

By Ana Eusse, President of NARAL Pro-Choice NC’s student organization at UNC Wilmington

I was so pleased to have had the honor of hosting Emily Letts on the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s campus on November 6, 2014. B1x_qvLCYAAepeG

Prior to bringing Ms. Letts to campus, I knew relatively little about her except for her article that was printed in Cosmopolitan explaining her decision to film her own abortion.

I have to admit that the article was all I needed to know about her before immediately wanting to bring her to UNCW and showing unapologetic support for such a brave decision. As the president of the student organization NARAL Pro-Choice NC at UNCW, I thought it was time for the UNCW student population to have the opportunity to meet an advocate.

Letts at UNCW

The words support, respect, and caring were at the heart of her presentation. She didn’t include the politics of the abortion debate, but she also didn’t shy from advocating that abortion is and continues to be a personal decision. Emily Letts is more than the voice for a brave decision. Emily Letts is a leading advocate in eliminating the shame and stigma that has too long been attached to abortion. She encourages and empowers every individual to show compassion and kindness to women and families making reproductive decisions.


There is great power in someone whose main goal is to end abortion stigma and create a safe space so women can come together. From her advocacy, Emily Letts helped create Not Alone, an organization that allows women from the every corner of the world to share their stories, so others can witness the power in making these choices. Women from all over the world have exercised their right to choose, in fact, it’s been a choice we’ve had for over 4,000 years.

As we begin to see the confrontational agenda of those who wish to eliminate that choice, we must continue the fight to keep abortion safe and legal, but above all we must continue to let the voices of those brave women to be heard.

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