This Bill’s Unnecessary and Demeaning! #StopHB465

Anna Lobastova, Reproductive Justice Club at Appalachian State University Co-President 

Point blank: a 72 hour waiting period for healthcare is unnecessary and demeaning. Waiting periods for care may seem like just an arbitrary, bureaucratic annoyance, but it is so much more than that for anyone who has a work schedule, a family, a budget, or a health concern. Of course, this includes most – if not all – of North Carolinians. Waiting periods effectively require women to spend time making several trips to an abortion clinic, often requiring taking time off work, arranging for child care, and budgeting for gas or hotel expenses, especially when the clinic requires an in-person initial visit.

11178241_850745425014074_8084658354802798306_nNot all women can afford to jump over these unnecessary hoops in order to receive care, and they shouldn’t have to! Waiting periods are a frequently used, transparent tactic for politicians seeking to control women’s bodies and to limit access to necessary medical procedures. They are insulting to women who have already made a choice, and outright dangerous to many who for whom abortion is a necessity due to a medical condition.

Student activists across North Carolina are paying attention to oppressive legislation, and the Reproductive Justice Club at Appalachian State University strongly opposes House Bill 465. My Co-President, Maddie Majerus, and I will be rallying with NARAL NC and Planned Parenthood against this unjustified and demeaning legislation on May 11th at 4:30PM in Downtown Raleigh. Join us! If you cannot attend one of the rallies across the state, please sign this petition to urge Governor McCrory to VETO HB 465, NOW! 

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