March/Early April Update from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

By Justine Schnitzler, Spring 2016 Campus Leader at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

What a busy few weeks it has been! Beyond the huge amounts of homework (the semester is quickly coming to an end!), there have been so many activities and events to plan with NARAL Pro-Choice NC that I have barely had a moment to update all of you lovely readers on the blog. Here’s hoping this satiates your curiosity!

After a few weeks of intense planning, I am excited to announce that TONIGHT (April 11) UNC-Chapel Hill is screening the documentary Trapped. As a NARAL Pro-Choice NC representative, I have collaborated with Students United for Reproductive Justice (another awesome group on campus) and a new organization, Nursing Students for Choice. I am so excited about the collaboration with NSC—they are just getting started as a student organization on campus, and I am especially eager to fill the screening room with individuals working on degrees relating to the healthcare field. Be on the lookout for photos and updates from the screening in my next post!

Beyond the planning for Trapped, I worked in the last week with a wide array of incredible, dedicated students across campus to counter-protest to virulently anti-choice group, “Genocide Awareness Project”. In case you aren’t aware of what GAP is, they are a for-profit group that takes enormous displays of manipulated photographs of fetuses, juxtaposed with images of real genocide and violence (think the Holocaust, or Rwanda) and sets them up on public university campuses for days at a time.

My awesome boss, Sarah, donated a large amount of NARAL Pro-Choice NC supplies for tabling, and students took turns handing out condoms, balloons, and pro-choice signs to those walking past. By the end of the day, a large group of pro-choice individuals were dancing and singing along to the amazing playlist we created as a group—blasting speakers and drowning out the hatred. It was an incredible experience to stand shoulder to shoulder with so many powerful students who were dedicated to the pro-choice cause. UNC sent a clear message that GAP’s graphic, dishonest imagery has no place on our campus. Check out some photos from our counter-protest below:


Until next time!


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