The Truth Revealed: North Carolina’s Crisis Pregnancy Centers

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation issued a report on its yearlong undercover investigation of CPCs in North Carolina.

Read the report here.

The Sunday News and Observer article on the report is here.

This report has been getting coverage all over the country, see those articles here.

Contact Your Legislators!

Contact Your Legislators!

Today, the House of Representatives are voting on another anti-choice bill that will severely curtail abortion rights in the United States.

According to a summary by RH Reality Check, H.R. 358 will:

* Allow hospitals receiving federal funds to deny emergency abortions to women whose lives are in danger due to a pregnancy gone horribly wrong.

* Forbid state health care exchanges from providing abortion coverage even under policies paid for entirely with your own money. Exchanges are the public marketplaces for health insurance policies that will be rolled out by 2014 under the Affordable Care Act. Eventually, most people are expected to get their insurance through the exchanges. Exchanges were conceived as a means of expanding health care services, but under this and other legal restrictions they would in fact eliminate coverage most women already have. If H.R. 358 is successful, getting insurance that includes coverage for abortion will be nearly impossible – putting abortion out of reach of even more women.

* Place a gag order on insurers, preventing them from even giving women information about how to get abortion coverage.

President Obama has already said he will veto the bill if the House passes it.  It is still very important to contact your Representatives and ensure they understand their constituency does not want this dangerous bill to even be passed.

You can take action here with NARAL Pro-Choice America.  Or contact your Representatives directly here.

Rally Against Anti-LGBT Amendment

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina and other non-profits from across the state will be supporting Equality NC today at their rally at the General Assembly against the proposed anti-LGBT marriage amendment currently being considered.  If passed, this amendment will create a ballot measure for 2012 that would create a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between one man and one woman. It would also bar civil unions and prevent businesses and government agencies from providing domestic partner benefits to all unmarried couples, regardless of sexual orientation. North Carolina law already prohibits same-sex marriage, but this bill would put this up to a vote by North Carolinians and, if passed, would write this discrimination into our state’s founding document.

If you believe everyone deserves the same rights, be they reproductive rights or the right to marriage and domestic partner benefits, come out and join us.

Contact Your Senator! H.B. 854 Override

H.B. 854, the so-called “Woman’s Right to Know” act, was vetoed by Gov. Bev Perdue on June 27. The North Carolina House of Representatives voted to override this veto in an attempt to make this extreme bill a law. The bill will now head to the North Carolina Senate, and their vote will be the last opportunity to uphold the governor’s veto.

They could be discussing it as early as tomorrow.

Contact your senator today to encourage him or her to sustain the governor’s veto and protect choice in North Carolina!

North Carolina General Assembly  for their email, office phone number if you’d prefer to write your own message.

NARAL Pro-Choice NC Action Alert for a pre-written message sent right to your senator.