Be the face of NARAL NC on your campus!

Look at all the fun these folks are having! You’re looking at three students who served as NARALNC Campus Representatives at NC State last year. Below, they are participating in the HKonJ Rally in downtown Raleigh last February. Campus Representatives work to educate their fellow classmates about the importance of reproductive rights and reproductive justice.


Last year alone, our students worked to raise awareness about Crisis Pregnancy Centers near their college campuses by hosting screenings of 12th and Delaware, sponsored a performance of The Abortion Monologues to raise awareness about the deeply personal nature of choice, and organized an amazing photo campaign documenting their fellow classmates’ passion for pro-choice politics. 

Now it’s your turn to get involved! All the details are below. In order to apply, you must be a student at a University in North Carolina. Sorry to our out-of-state friends! If you’re interested, send your resume & cover letter to


NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina is seeking responsible, dedicated, resolutely pro-choice students (undergraduate or graduate) on college and university campuses across the state to serve as NARAL Pro-Choice NC Campus Representative. Campus Reps will work with us to educate fellow students about the importance of reproductive rights issues.

Primary duties and responsibilities:
-Working with students and organizations in your area
-Working with campus representatives across the state
-Raising awareness about reproductive health and rights on your campus
-Empowering students to become activists through advocacy work
-Representing NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina at community events
-Coordinating campus events
-Recruiting new supporters
-Participating in phone banks, canvasses, lobby days, and other activities
-Passion for reproductive health and justice
-Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills
-Previous membership in campus or community organizations preferred
-Outgoing personality
-Gain practical experience in the reproductive rights movement
-Develop a professional network within the progressive non-profit community
-Complete college credits (if offered)

Four Moments of Grace from Wednesday’s Protest

Guest Post by NARAL Pro-Choice NC Volunteer Alice Wilder

I ran up the steps of the capitol, around the building and was met with a rush of pink and purple. My first instinct was to cry- being in the physical presence of activists felt like exhaling. Seeing the crowd was the first of many emotional moments at the Wednesday protest. SB 365 is horrifying, if passed, it would eliminate all but one abortion providers in North Carolina. It’s the Red Wedding of anti-choice legislation. Considering the stakes at this protest, you’d think it might be somber and angry- but that wasn’t my experience. Sure, there was anger, but I came away feeling immense love for NC pro-choicers. It’s difficult to sum up the energy of the protest, but here are some moments where I felt that love.

1. Watching how quickly everything came into place

I went to dinner with a friend, and by the time I came home around 7:30 my Twitter feed was filled with news of this bill. In no time, plans were being made. By 8:00 there was a Facebook event. Carpools were being organized.

2. Those in other states spreading the word

I follow many activists on Twitter, and I’ve gotten used to seeing them Tweet about Texas and Ohio. They’re probably pretty exhausted (what a week it’s been!) and it was wonderful to see solidarity from activists all over the country.

3. The young families

Our line of grass in front of the House was filled to the brim with children of all ages. Many played in the grass or sat on their mother’s hips as the protest went on. Older ones shouted along as we chanted. In front of me at one moment was a young mom with two toddlers on her hips, a boy and a girl. They were visibly tired, it was near the end of a long, hot morning. We made eye contact. “My mom took me to protests when I was their age” I told her. She smiled back, “so did mine.” And there she was, teaching her kids about democracy, leading by example. It was so beautiful to see so many generations of activism in one place.

4. Solidarity even in silence

My friend Rachel and I ventured up to the outside of the gallery to watch the proceedings. It was eerie to be so close to legislators trying to make laws controlling my body- but an honor to be near the senators defending our right to choice. Those activists in the gallery were not allowed to make any noise or hand motions. It was a shock to go from outside, where we were yelling ourselves hoarse to inside, where yelling would almost definitely invite arrest. As I neared the glass to get a glimpse of the senators, I saw two people holding hands in silence. It was a moving expression of  solidarity in a space intended to oppress citizens.

Rally is a Great Success!

Yesterday, hundreds of NARAL Pro Choice North Carolina activists joined forces with other pro-choice allies throughout the state (including Planned Parenthood, Lillian’s List, NOW, and others) to fight against recent attacks on women’s reproductive health in our state. We were especially proud of our NC State Campus Representative, Hannah Osborne, who spoke at the rally. As Hannah put it: “Choosing birth control, abstinence, abortion, pregnancy or adoption should be my choice. To say someone else is better fit to make decisions concerning my body and my life undermines my education, insults my intelligence and mocks my citizenship.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

These are sad times for anyone hoping to pass progressive pro-choice legislation in North Carolina. The past two years have been the worst in recent memory for women’s health.  This legislative session, the General Assembly has already proposed two radical anti-choice measures (HB 132 and SB 308), each of which, in its own way, chips away at a North Carolina women’s access to safe and legal abortion. But women are watching. Yesterday I met folks who had driven from every corner of our state to stop the war on women. They will not sit quietly by as the legislators in the capital take away their hard-won rights.  They will show up and be counted. As our rally t-shirts proclaimed, “Politicians Make Crappy Doctors,” they do not walk in women’s shoes, and they should not make decisions about women’s reproductive health care.

This has been a good week for those of us who work to promote pro-choice legislation in North Carolina. Our opponents may dominate the general assembly, but our base is strong, powerful, and deeply committed to our cause. Thanks for standing with us on Halifax Mall, and we hope to see you at Women’s Advocacy Day on April 9!

Scroll down and check out the first look of the photos from the Rally, all taken by local photographer (and awesome pro-choice ally) Lillie Elliot. We’ll post more soon:)


Pro-Choice Volunteers Make the DNC a Huge Success!

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina was on the ground in Charlotte this week at the 2012 Democratic National Convention and it was a truly amazing experience.  Our fantastic volunteers were the biggest highlight of the week by far.  Our work could not have happened without their hours of hard work. They are the true stars of the convention!

Volunteers with NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina made sure that everyone at the DNC understood what is at stake in this election.  In addition to reminding convention goers of the importance of voting pro-choice, our volunteers even got to attend some pretty great events.  From the DNC Women’s Caucus to the NARAL Pro-Choice America event to the EMILY’S List/Marie Claire Town Hall, our volunteers heard from pro-choice leaders from across the nation about the critical work we have left to do here in North Carolina.

While we could go on for much longer about our awesome volunteers, we wanted to share just some of their motivations for volunteering with us and some of the highlights of their experiences at the convention.

“I volunteered with NARAL because, as a young woman, I want to speak out for my generation on how important it is that contraceptives are always available to us and that our health care is protected. I am proud to be a volunteer with NARAL because it means protecting my freedoms as a young woman to make my own decisions and choices.” –Leah

“I had a back-alley abortion in 1970 before the passage of Roe v. Wade and nearly hemorrhaged to death from it. I’m volunteering because I want to make sure that abortion is accessible for my daughters so they never have to experience what I went through.” -Sandy

“I had so much fun volunteering! It was so great to be around people who think like I do and who are enthusiastic. It was so great to sit in on the Women’s Caucus and hear so many amazing speakers like Donna Brazile, Ashley Judd, and [NARAL Pro-Choice America president] Nancy Keenan!” –Debbie

“We’re at a turning point in our country where freedom and liberty are at stake. I’m volunteering for my daughter, for the suffragettes, and for all other women.” –Sarah

“It was really great to see the unity of people not only in Charlotte but from all across the country. People were so excited to sign our petition, take the fans we were handing out, and to tell their friends about us!” –Autumn

Once again, we are so grateful to all of the volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to making this week such a success. This week was a once in a lifetime experience for us in North Carolina, but we need volunteers to help make sure that choice is protected here in North Carolina and across the country.

Now is the time to get involved and make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering with us anywhere in North Carolina, sign up here or contact our Field Director, Megann, for more information.