#NCVotesEarly: Because of that time Thom Tillis said his female opponent was bad at math.

Back in August, Thom Tillis released an ad accusing his opponent Sen. Kay Hagan of being bad at math.day7_early_vote.v.2

“Math is lost on Senator Hagan,” he told audiences from his trusty dry erase board.

What was lost on the Republican candidate was that by calling his female opponent bad at math — an opponent who happens to also be a senator, a banking lawyer who previously wrote state budgets, and a member of the Senate Banking Committee — he exhibited a level of sexism that as one commentator put it, made his problem with North Carolina women “past the point of no return.”

Fortunately, our math reveals that Sen. Hagan has maintained a double-digit lead in support by women against Tillis in the months since the ad was released.

Watch the ad below – and see how Tillis doesn’t quite add up:

For a list of candidates who believe in women, check out our custom NARAL Pro-Choice NC Voters’ Guide.


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